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    May 31
  • admin Welcome to F- My Diagnosis, the medical/health/wellness social media platform! We are so happy you have decided to be a part of it! The point of life is to connect, to live, to love. Sometimes the weight of your diagnosis... can feel like the weight of the world. Every bit of it is made lighter when we share the burden. That is the heart of our founder's vision - Bonnie's dream was to provide a forum to connect, to share, to take your life back! There is so much that isn't covered in the doctor's office - including meaningful ways to improve your quality of life. Along with diagnoses and our individual health journeys, we look forward to sharing what's often not included - that can make a huge difference in our daily lives. Check in periodically to our branded informational site for blog articles, resources, and more: Thank you and welcome! 
    October 8, 2017